Ordering a website from Wildwood Solutions involves a five-step process.

Determine a general layout of your website

Depending on the nature of your website this can step can be relatively straightforward or extremely creative. One place to start is to review the samples found on our website. Another common approach is to review existing websites and take notes on which websites you like and what particular features you do and don't care for most. That should provide us a general idea to work with.

It's not necessary at this early stage to draft the final documents, however, it is recommended you have a general idea as to what the content pages will consist of so that we can make certain we can arrange them in a logical, intuitive location on your website. By their nature content pages often change over time through updates, deletions or brand new additions. Naturally some pages will change more frequently then others. A proper website layout will accommodate the anticipated content changes and avoid nesting documents too deep making them difficult to locate.

Determine the degree of involvement you want with your website

Generally speaking, it is your responsibility to draft the content pages you intend to publish on your website. Your degree of involvement beyond that point is generally up to you. The considerations involved are your time, cost, your technical aptitude, and your technical enthusiasm. You may want to have the initial website built then have someone else maintain it going forward and only involve a professional on an as needed basis. At Wildwood Solutions we are more then happy to accomodate whatever is the best fit for your situation. If you are a web design enthusiast I recommend letting us get you started. Our source code is exceptionally well written and provides a great base to start from.
Fill out and submit our First Contact Questionaire

Once you have answered the questions you will need to relay the answers to us via e-mail or fax. Once we receive your First Contact Questionaire we will review your responses then arrange for a phone discussion to zero in on what you are looking for and to discuss what we can deliver. Towards the end of our phone conversation we will do our best to determine a price estimate, unless there are portions that require some research on our end.

At this point a small non-refundable deposit may be required. Please review our Payment Terms and Conditions for details.

Prototype Presentation and Acceptance

This is the last step of the process before your website will be constructed. Once the website is built, additional changes may necessitate additional fees. If you are using your own custom pictures we will need them at this time.

Once the website is complete we will add in the content pages you have ready and publish your website for your review and acceptance.


We will provide you with a CD containing all the files necessary to support your website. In our experience we've observed many situations where the turnover of all the information is not complete. Flash and Photoshop files that are published are actually generated from other larger files called 'source code'. Having these files allows you to take your business elsewhere, which is your right as a consumer.