Please answer the following, or if you prefer to discuss on the phone jump to question #8 below.

1) Do you have an existing website already? Yes     No
2) What is the primary intent for the new website?

3) Does the intent for the new website differ from the intent you have for your primary business? In other words, is the website an extension of your existing business or will it only be a portion of your business or perhaps something completely different?

4) Please list secondary interests for the website.

5) Do you have a design or portions of the design already in mind or would you prefer we present you with design ideas?

6) Do you have direct competitors who already have existing websites? If so, can you provide those websites to us? This will allow us to get a better feel for the nature of your business.

7) Do you already know of existing website design that capture you interests or perhaps certain features from existing websites that appeal to you? If so, can you provide those websites to us? This will help us understand the scope and complexity of your concepts so that we can provide pricing options.

8) What is your e-mail address, phone number and the best time (PST) and day to contact you?
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